We cannot overstate just how important it is to have a healthy smile. Not only is it vital to your ability to eat and speak, but a healthy mouth is crucial to maintaining your overall well-being. It may surprise you to learn just how closely your oral health is connected to your general health! Of course, everyone wants a clean, well-aligned smile that will turn heads whenever they walk into a room. When you visit Bayside Laser Dental you can enjoy a wide range of options for improving or maintaining your smile. We provide comprehensive dentistry and are here to help with cleanings, exams, crowns, emergency dentistry and much more. Just as our name states, we provide laser dentistry, which enhances your comfort and decreases your recovery time. We also provide dental implants, which are sturdy, permanent solutions to the problem of missing teeth. We are proud to offer the following dental services in Bayside, New York:

If you are having problems with your teeth or mouth, if you are considering having some cosmetic work done to turn up the volume on your smile or if it is just time for a checkup for you or for the members of your family, you have come to the right place! If you would like to schedule a visit with us, call 718-279-8588 today and a member of our team will help you plan your appointment with our dentist, Dr. Hyang-Rim Lee. Great smiles start with us!