We want you to have a positive experience at Bayside Laser Dental. To help your appointment go smoothly and decrease the time you spend in our waiting room, Dr. Hyang-Rim Lee has provided our patient forms on our site. You can download, print and fill out the forms and bring them with you to your appointment, or fill them out and submit them in our safe and secure online format. By taking care of your paperwork prior to your dentist appointment in Bayside, New York, you will see our dentist sooner and begin the journey to the smile of your dreams!

View Patient Information Form
View Patient Dental History Form
View Patient Treatment Notes Form
View Patient Examination Form

If you have any questions about our patient forms, feel free to contact our team today at 718-279-8588. We will be happy to address any concerns you have, help you to find the answers you need and navigate your way through the paperwork. At our office, we make patient care our number-one priority, which includes every aspect of your visit. We are excited to make you a member of the family and are looking forward to working with you!