Your first visit to the dentist can be a confusing time, especially if you are bringing a child in to see us. You might have questions about your insurance coverage or payments and of course, there is the time you spend in the waiting room filling out the new patient forms while waiting to see the dentist. At Bayside Laser Dental, we want to take the guesswork and anxiety out of your first visit to our dental office in Bayside, New York. In order to make your experience at our office a great one, we have provided the resources below:

If you still have concerns about your upcoming visit, our dentist, Dr. Hyang-Rim Lee, or any member of our team will be happy to help. Whether you have a question about finances, about a dental problem or your treatment, we are happy to help! We want to make sure our patients are comfortable with every aspect of their appointment, which includes time spent in and out of the dental chair. Feel free to give us a call today at 718-279-8588. We are looking forward to answering your questions and seeing your smile in our office soon!